Javascript ranked the most popular programming language according to RedMonk

RedMonk analyst firm recently released their programming language ranking with Javascript at the top. The research is based on data from Github and StackOverflow, you can read the good stuff at the RedMonk site.

Javascript: all grown up?

We have seen for years that Javascript has gained momentum. Node.js and React have been big accelerators especially for enterprise adoption. Back in the day Javascript was really not consider for “anything serious”. But times have changed: today Javascript is normally the go-to language for back-end and front-end development. At least for me.


Technology is chosen based on gut feelings

I love the phrase from James Governor that “people choose technology because of gut instincts not facts”. It is very true. I think in general that is how people choose products. Products are bought based on feelings.

People can argue all day that the BMW is a better car than an Alfa Romeo based on facts and figures. I will still go and buy my next Alfa Romeo any day. It is not based on facts - it just feels right. (Oh, btw now Alfa Romeo also has their numbers stacked. )

When starting Snowball a few years back the decision for going for a Javascript based stack was an easy one. Not based on facts or figures, it felt right for all of us.

Anyway, give the post a read.