Splæsh - a brand with impact

Creating a brand is an artform. At Snowball we recently did a rebranding and repositioning of a video making company - Splæsh. We simply love the result. Here we share the headlines of the process.

Starting with the strategy - Stories with impact

Our process typically involves our sister company Assetto Capital where we look at the business model and go to market strategy for a company. For Splæsh we summarized the strategy with: Tell stories that make an impact

Telling these stories involves delivering services from content strategy, production to marketing for their clients. With the strategy and positioning clear we started the hunt for a name.

Finding a name, domain and brand

In addition to telling stories with impact there are underlying values we defined as vital for the brand:

  • Nordic minimalism: it is in their DNA
  • Impact: it is about the impression you leave behind
  • Customer journey iterations: content needs to support the complete customer journey and is continuous.

Oh, and there is that 6 letter .com address you want. Today this is an important aspect of any brand. Long story short: the winner was Splæsh.com. Yes, we know; this is not the correct spelling in Norwegian or English - we call it creative freedom.

Splæsh represents the impact you leave behind after a great story is told, has references to Nordic minimalism with the æ letter in the brand, is easy to pronounce and is easy to understand and remember.

Responsive logo

Our goal with the logo was to create a simple, clean and responsive brand. We wanted to have the wordmark stand alone without the need for additional symbols.

In the end it was simply math-art:


The equation is: Nordic minimalism + ripples of an impact + continuous customer journey = Splæsh.

The long form logo is:


And the short form, symbol, representation of the brand:


In the end we have a super-clean brand, responsive logo representation and an awesome domain. To be totally honest we are a bit jealous on this brand.

Check out the result on Splæsh.com.



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