At Snowball we love dreaming up new products, but hey - we also build and launch them.

Do you want to be a part of building a bigger and better Snowball? We are fiercely growing and always looking for people in our fields of expertise; design, engineering, product strategy, or growth marketing. 

Eager to play but can’t find the perfect position? You still might be our missing puzzle piece. So please don’t be shy!

Send us an open application, and we’ll see what possibilities exist between us.

Until then, we suggest you check out our Playbook. Here you’ll get a sneak preview of the inner workings of our company. The how’s and the what’s that let us run smoothly and create magic, ensuring that the health and happiness of all our people is taken care of along the way.

We are always

looking for talent

We are passionate entrepreneurs, who have spent the last 20 years founding, developing, growing, financing, buying and selling technology companies. Passion drives our direction, drive and dedication to details, and our extreme focus on speed and execution creates results.