Growth Marketing Manager

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As a growth marketing manager at Snowball you will be working together with our clients on launching and relaunching products to the market. You will be part of the product launch and growth hacking team to market beautiful products for our clients.

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and execute go-to-market strategies
  • Build, execute and iterate on organic, social, placed and paid product reach
  • Build and maintain lead funnels
  • Organise and run global, local and online events
  • Measure impact and use insight and data to focus priorities

Key qualifications:

  • Experience in marketing digital and physical products
  • Skills in organic (SEO), social and guerilla marketing
  • A love for storytelling in a thoughtful, simple and beautifully visual way
  • Excellent english written and spoken

About Snowball

Snowball is a Product Design and Realization company. We team up with our clients to design and build addictive products loved by their clients. Snowball builds beautiful products for digital ambitious companies. We simply love building and launching products.



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