Unicorn (Designer + Developer)

As a unicorn you will join the product design & engineering stable in Snowball where we curate designers and developers. Unicorns are a rare breed but we know they exist. We have one already.

Being a unicorn you know that you will be designing user interfaces for web and native Apps, but you will actually also build the front-end code for this. At Snowball the unicorn process is roughly:

  • Using Sketch to make wireframes and clickthroughs for interaction design
  • User testing of clickthroughs
  • Dressing wireframes in beautiful design using Photoshop (or Sketch)
  • Implementing the front-end using React or React Native
  • Functional, performance and SEO testing
  • Deploying live using Now.sh or AWS

You should have a strong design background combined with programming skills. 

Our tech stack typically includes:

There is a reason why they are called unicorns. They are rare, but we really really want more.. Are you one?


About Snowball

Snowball is a Product Design and Realization company. We team up with our clients to design and build addictive products loved by their clients. Snowball builds beautiful products for digital ambitious companies. We simply love building and launching products.



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