Product Design.

Designing a product that customers love is a craft and a process that takes some experience. Our unique blend of industrial and interaction design allows us to understand the bigger picture when it comes to a product design approach. Whether we are designing an online streaming service or a classic bike, we always have a cross-functional team behind every project.

Product Design Services include:

  • Interaction design
  • Industrial product design
  • Software architecture and design
  • Illustrations & Animations
Product Design.
Branding and Identity
Branding and Identity

After defining a product’s vision and mission, we then move on to branding and identity. Designing a brand is so much more than a logo or a name. It’s the combination of visual elements and communication methods that together create something that the client can identify from the competition and interact with. This is where we develop a brand guide for the product and/or company by looking at the following points;

  • Naming
  • Logo and visual elements
  • Color scheme
  • Tone of voice
Customer Journey
Customer Journey

The customer journey is a map of all the touchpoints a given persona has with your product. We like to map out the whole process from:

  • Search
  • Evaluate
  • Experiment
  • Purchase
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
User Experience Design
User Experience Design

The user experience design is typically involved with mapping out the user journey previously mentioned with wireframes and clickable prototypes. Using User Testing, we analyze every interaction between the user and the digital product, making sure we are designing the best possible experience. This is the central part of product design for any type of digital product.

User Interface Design
User Interface Design

User interface design focus on how people navigate through a digital product using visual elements like buttons and menus. We design interfaces using certain features and functions on a web product for a consumer to interact with to create the best experience.

CAD Product Design
CAD Product Design

When designing physical products we like classic bicycles from Skiens Cykkelfabrik we are sketching and using CAD product design. This is a process where we balance the design with the manufacturability of the product. For example when doing CAD product design of a bicycle dropout for CNC production.


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