Product Strategy

We work with ambitious companies that are looking for growth. Launching or re-launching a product or offering to the market requires the right product strategy. Our experience spans from pure digital products to physical products, sometimes the ideál is a mix of the two.

Our product strategy work typically includes:

  • Product positioning
  • Whole product
  • Target values
  • Go-to-market strategy
Product Strategy
Product Values and Personas
Product Values and Personas

Based on the vision and mission of the company we typically start by answering questions like what are we going to solve for who? 

This is where persona development is useful to guide the product strategy. We idéally identify one main persona, with a few supporting personas. It is important here to have as much focus as possible to know who you are targeting.

Product values help us focus. We base our process here around the elements of value featured in Harvard Business Review. This is a useful tool to align the team and focus resources in the direction we believe in.

Whole Product
Whole Product

Building a product mas many dimensions. Often when speaking with typically a software company and we ask: "How far are you from having a whole product?". The answer is typically we just miss this last feature.

A whole product is a full package of what is needed to launch. The facets will vary from product to product, but often include things like: Growth marketing, lead funnel, sales enablement, developer enablement, software and legal. Understanding the whole product you are going to launch is crucial for the product strategy.


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