Bunad Magasinet - From Editorial to On-screen experience

Bunad Magasinet is on a mission to expand the world while giving a comprehensive view of the traditional Norwegian clothing. They wanted to rethink their communication and editorial design, mainly on the website. The assignment was to update the user experience and make the interface more modern of the Bunad online store.

Bunad Magasinet - From Editorial to On-screen experience

About Bunad Magasinet

Bunad Magasinet is a Norwegian national magazine devoted to showcasing the world of traditional clothing. It’s published by Smøyg Forlag and issued two times a year. As a leader in the publishing industry, the magazine has been releasing much diverse and relevant content over the years. Now, it exists, in part, as a website where consumers can learn more about the topic, or just purchase the editorials.


Traditional Look with a Modern Twist

For Bunad’s new website, we designed a minimal, clean, and modern layout with strong imagery. The main goal was to showcase the Bunad product and its massive world, without it feeling overwhelming for possible newcomers and first-buyers.

We decided to emphasize the legibility and a clear structure, so the information is easy to read and to digest. The layout and composition should not distract but highlight the product. Keeping the traditional look with Scandinavian aesthetics, we wanted the white space to be an integral part of the layout, giving the reader space to absorb the information and admire the photos of the clothing and products available.


The Full Product Experience

A big part of the project was the functionalities available on the Bunad Magasinet website. Another important task we had was to emphasize and support Bunad Magasinet’s rich and diverse content catalogue - from blog to new magazines and products. The website also offers an online shop and editorial subscriptions. All of which is powered by Crystallize - a fast PIM for headless eCommerce.



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