GraphQL powered PIM and Headless Commerce Service

Crystallize is a headless commerce service designed and built by Snowball. Product information management (PIM) delivered via a fast GraphQL API is the core of Crystallize. Drive online sales, understand your subscription base's development, build custom e-commerce experiences, reduce churn, and automate entitlement integrations.

GraphQL powered PIM and Headless Commerce Service

Product information management powered by GraphQL

Rich product information management is the core of Crystallize. Define your product shapes to fit your rich product information requirements. Product information is available in real-time via the blazing-fast GraphQL API.

Crystallize is a headless commerce service so you can deliver a unique customer experience. Stand out, get noticed, and ultimately sell more stuff. You build the customer experience; Crystallize handles the rest.


Loved by developers. Fast e-commerce for REACT developers.

The GraphQL based headless PIM architecture in Crystallize is loved by developers. It is fast, meaning great for eCommerce SEO and user experience.

No fat monolithic system you need to install and customize. You simply point your GraphQL query to Crystallize, perhaps using our ready-made server-side rendered REACT skeleton, to quickly build a lean, responsive, and easily maintainable front-end for your e-commerce. Feel free to express yourself in your favorite coding style. If you favor Redux or MobX, Styled Components or CSS modules, ES7 or Typescript, async/await or plain old callbacks, Crystallize will work for you.


User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience (UX) for Crystallize

We believe in a design-driven user experience. Visually pleasing and efficiency go hand in hand. The UI should represent the personality of the brand and be the background for a super-efficient user experience for Crystallize’s different target groups (managers, information architects, and developers). This includes using clear illustrations and iconography and non-visual things like tab index and keyboard shortcuts.


Creating a company personality with cartoons

The personality of a company like Crystallize is very important. Ugly diagrams and boring slides are typical for software companies. We didn’t want to go that route. We wanted to communicate the personality of the company and create content that is enjoyable and shareable. We used cartoons as a foundation and have this personality be clear from our contracts, marketing, to the product itself. For a different approach to the norm, we also decided to launch a weekly cartoon Milliseconds Matter to communicate the core brand’s message.



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