Javascript #1, React #1 while GraphQL is trending

It is the end of the year and and time for some reflection. We can still conclude that Javascript is the most popular programming language. Javascript is now being used in the browser, on servers, for mobile apps as well as IoT. React has 60% market share of npm users. GraphQL is trending big time.


Javascript is the most popular programming language

I wrote a blog post earlier this year stating that Javascript is the most popular programming language. This is based on research from RedMonk which based on Github and StackOverflow data. This is still the case.

The usage of Javascript continues to grow. It is being used on:

  • Browsers
  • Servers
  • Mobile devices
  • IoT devices

At Snowball we use Javascript on all of the above and can confirm the use cases.

React most popular with 60% market share

With the growing hunger for React information and best practices we see a growth in conferences on the topic. Even up here in Norway we are having a React Day Norway conference. Of course we support that by sponsoring.

According to the npm blog React has 60% market share. This is huge. The npm growth has apparently slowed a bit down, but React is still most widely adopted and still grows.

GraphQL gaining momentum

Read more about the stats in the Javascript world on the npm blog.

As one of the predictions for 2019 from the npm blog there is this one:

“You’ll need to learn GraphQL. It might be too early to put GraphQL into production, especially if your API is already done, but 2019 is the year you should get your mind around the concepts of GraphQL. There’s a good chance you’ll be using them in new projects later in the year and in 2020.” - @seldo

We believe this to be very true. Our own experience with GraphQL is awesome. We based our spin-off Crystallize on GraphQL for headless ecommerce. It enabled us to build a powerful and fast API for PIM.


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