Lounge Chair Product Design

Getting to design a product is an awesome thing. The ability to take something from an early idea, through concept definition, visualization, and finally developing an end product is a rewarding process. This is exactly what we did with this lounge chair.

Retro-inspired Awesomeness

We wanted to run through our product design process with a different type of product. To keep it interesting and fun, we chose a lounge chair. Obviously the world has given us plenty of well-designed chairs already, so we were looking to try something a bit more unique. The inspiration we ended up with come from a 1960’s telephone chair, but re-imagined for today’s needs.

Although pretty obvious already, phone chairs used to be a place to sit while calling and/or talking on the phone. Sounds crazy we know, but there was actually a time when phones were fixed to one location, connected to the wall with a permanent cord! To make this more convenient, the chairs typically included some sort of side-table to place the telephone on.

Today our needs are a bit different. Phones are no longer connected to stationary walls, although one may like to argue otherwise since we now are constantly plugging them into wall-outlets to charge! But I digress.

You have your laptop, tablet, magazine or coffee cup, and want to relax while consuming your favourite social media in a comfy and good looking chair. This is what we wanted to address with this chair, and this is what we accomplished.

Interested in a deeper design dive? Read here for more information regarding our lounge chair concept